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LCSL Game Checklist

Ensure you are prepared for the administrative procedures of LCSL games.

Post Game Reporting - Send-Offs, Serious Injuries, and Other Issues

Referees must report all injuries, and yellow/red cards on the LCSL game report provided by the team managers.  Additionally, call/text the assignor immediately following the game to report any red cards, serious injury, or unusual circumstance. 

Referees must complete a USSF Supplemental Report for send-offs (red cards) in LCSL matches.  Supplemental Reports should be completed immediately after the game, but must be completed within 48 hours of the match.  LCSL player are subject to disciplinary actions for send-offs, and these reports are an integral part in helping league administrators determine the appropriate disciplinary process.

Areas of Emphasis

Heading Foul (12U and below).  Deliberate heading is not allowed in 12U and younger games.  If a player deliberately heads the ball in a game, an indirect free kick should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the deliberate header occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the infringement occurred.

USYS Concussion Initiative.  If a player is suspected to have a head injury the referee should stop play to allow for treatment as needed.  If the player leaves the field of play for additional evaluation, a substitution can be made in that moment. The player with the suspected head injury may not return to the game unless a Health Care Professional or Certified Athletic Trainer has cleared the player. Any coach or parent insisting on returning the player to the game without approved clearance will result in the referee ending the game.

Jewelry Prohibited.  Jewelry, including earrings of any kind regardless of covering, and hair control devices with any hard parts must not be worn during games.  The referee must instruct players to remove these items prior to the game.

Goal Safety.  Goals must be anchored with sandbags.  If the goals are not properly secured, notify the coaches to sandbag the goals.  Do not start the game until the goals are properly anchored.

Coach and Spectator Sidelines.   All of a team's spectators must stay on the opposite side of the field from where their team's bench is located, and within the spectator boxes.  Coaching staff and players shall stay on the opposite side of the field from the spectators and within their designated team area. No one shall be on or in close proximity to the goal lines. 

Game Reports.